MYOB Direct Posting Setup

Setup instructions for the SmartFees MYOB direct posting interface using an ODBC connection

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MYOB ODBC Direct is an ODBC driver (supplied by MYOB) which enables SmartFees to read from and write to your MYOB data file. To enable this interaction between SmartFees and MYOB, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Step 1 –Check that MYOB ODBC has been installed.
  • Step 2 - Configure ODBC and define a Data Source Name (DSN) connection
  • Step 3 - Connect SmartFees to MYOB

System Requirements

Before installing and configuring MYOB ODBC Direct, you need to know your MYOB version.To use MYOB ODBCAU10 with SmartFees, you must be running at least MYOB AccountRight v19 (single user) or MYOB AccountRight Premier v19 (multi-user).
If you are running earlier versions of MYOB or your MYOB data file does not reside on the same network as SmartFees, you will not be able to use MYOB ODBC Direct. Instead, you may still be able to export summary income and payment information from SmartFees and then manually import it into MYOB. If this is the case, you do not need to set up the MYOB ODBC connector.
Otherwise download and print these instructions.

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