We're with you all the way

The help you need when you need it

Whether you need Technical Support in an unfamiliar situation to update Income Subsidy Support applications or Business Support to reduce bad debt, we have the team and the tools to help you.

Our team has a unique blend of skills; extensive experience in supporting centres in the day to day administration of their CCMS compliance obligations coupled now with in depth experience helping businesses, large and small, to grow and thrive. What hasn't changed is the same determination to see things through and get the result you need to succeed.

Business Support

Our business support team has the experience to help you with all aspects of your back office operations:

  • Recommendations on cash flow issues
  • Setting up credit control procedures
  • Ideas on how to stay on top of your centres business performance
  • Marketing your business

Technical Support

As a customer, whenever you contact support for assistance, your case will be managed by one person throughout the whole process through to completion. So you don't have to take any longer than necessary to get a technical issue resolved. You won't need to use them often but when you do, you will glad they are there. Our support tools allow us to 'look over your shoulder' so that we can see exactly what you see and coach you through if required.

  • Enrolling children
  • Creating Attendance records
  • Submitting CCMS records
  • Running Reports

The excellent support team is backed up by an extensive online help manual that covers all aspects of the system step by step with screen shots and a rapidly growing library of 'How to' YouTube clips put together by the support team from the most frequently asked support questions.

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I am very happy with the service SmartFees support team have been providing  for our School. They are very quick in responding to any queries and always very helpful in answering any questions. 

Raj Saba, Senior Bookkeeper, St Catherine's School Waverley, NSW