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[fa icon="plus-square"] No connection to CCMS

The best way to test if your interface to the CCMS is working is to try to Retrieve Messages from the Bulk CCMS submit screen. Select this from the Utilities menu in SmartFees CCMS. When you click on Submit to CCMS now, you should see the CCMS Interface pop up window appear.


If this pop up window does not appear, you are not connecting to the CCMS. Below is a checklist of all the components you need to set up to ensure the connection works. Check each one in turn and try the connection again.

1. Check you are connected to the internet.

2. Check the 2 config files, wstestER16.exe.config and CCMSUpdateAppER16.exe.config, both located in C:\SmartFeesCCMS\CCMSInterface or wherever you have installed SmartFees CCMS. Open these files in Notepad. The AppPath value in each file must point to the location of where you have installed SmartFees and within that, the subfolder CCMSInterface. For example, if you installed in the default folder C:\SmartFeesCCMS, then the AppPath must beC:\SmartFeesCCMS\CCMSInterface. Save any changes you make. 

3. Check that you have correctly set up a DSN as per the SmartFees Installation Instructions (Part 4). Make sure you have called the DSN smartfeesDSN and that you have set it up as a SystemDSN, not a User DSN. Check that it is pointing to your SmartFees data file sfdata.accdb . You can check the location of your SmartFees data file from the Version screen on the Utilities menu in SmartFees. 

4. Open SmartFees CCMS and select Setup from the menu and then Configuration. No keys should ever be changed on this screen, only values. Check that keys have not been accidentally overridden. They should appear as below:


The ONLY values you should need to change are:




Ensure this is the location where you have installed SmartFees followed by\CCMSInterface


Ensure this is the correct password supplied to you by DEEWR


Ensure this is the correct PayeeID supplied to you by DEEWR


Ensure this is the correct Username supplied to you by DEEWR

5. Check the Organisation screen in SmartFees CCMS. Ensure you have entered correct CCMS PayeeID, CCMS username, CCMS password and Facsia Payee ID, all supplied by DEEWR. 

6. Check the Service screen in SmartFees CCMS. Ensure you have entered correct CCBApproval ID's, CCMS usernames and CCMS passwords for all CCBApprovals for each of your services. These were supplied to you by DEEWR. 

7. If, when you test the Submit to CCMS Now button, you receive this popup: 


but it then appears to hang after you click OK, it may be that the Microsoft Dot Net Frameworkis not installed on your machine. Locate a file called dotnetfx.exe in your SmartFees CCMS installation folder and double click to run it. This will install the Dot Net framework on your machine. The CCMS interface requires this to run.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Path not found error when submitting

This error indicates that SmartFees cannot find the CCMS interface application. Check that you have correctly pointed to the correct location in both the config files in C:\SmartFeesCCMS\CCMSInterface (see Step 2 above) and on the Configuration screen within SmartFees CCMS (Step 4 above).

[fa icon="plus-square"] Connection appears to work, no errors are returned but SmartFees data is not updated by CCMS

It could be that the CCMS interface is updating the wrong data file. You should only have 1 SmartFees CCMS data file (sfdata.accdb) on your computer or on your network. Do not keep copies of this file. Check that your smartfeesDSN is pointing to your correct data file in the same location indicated on the Version screen in SmartFees CCMS. (See Step 3 above)

[fa icon="plus-square"] Errors are returned on the pop up window when you submit to CCMS

Errors will be returned from the CCMS for many reasons. Often the reason is obvious and you simply need to fix the error on the specified enrolment, attendance or vacancy record and submit again. If you do get an error and can't work out what it means contact the CCMS help desk who should be able to explain/rectify the problem. The Display Window also has a Save or Close option. If you do receive an error you can click on the Save option. This will open the text in Notepad which can then be saved to assist with investigating the problem. 

Request and Response XML files are created for every submission and response from CCMS.These are automatically saved in the XMLS subfolder under your SmartFees CCMS installation folder.


 Contact support

The help that we receive from your help desk is fantastic. We can ask as many silly questions as we like and the ladies are always so accommodating and genuinely interested in reaching a solution for us. They are never patronising or dismissive and I feel completely confident in contacting them whenever I need assistance.

Lauren, Stratton OSHC, WA