Collections Support

The assistance you need to stay on top of parent payments

The extra support you need to follow up Parent Payments

SmartFees Collect Assist helps services manage parent payments when they have limited resources. We provide the administrative services to make the phones calls and send emails to follow up parents on your behalf to ensure prompt payment. We do the work for you but all payments still go directly from the parent to you. As far as the parent is concerned we are just another member of your team.

Personalised Setup

During the setup process we will work with you to define what your collections policy is. The transition to SmartFees Collect Assist is seamless.

Fewer Headaches

The processing and handling of parent accounts is streamlined. Parents are followed up in a professional and timely manner. Queries are actively managed. Infomation is improved with regular reporting. Cashflow is improved. You retain total control of your customers, your information, the process and your cash. And you don't need to worry about the follow up happening even if someone is away.

No Suprise Pricing

Unlike traditional collections agencies, we don't charge a percentage of your income. There is a small flat fee each month based on the number of active parents to be managed.

Value For Money

We expect SmartFees Collect Assist to more than pay for itself by getting parent payments into your bank account sooner and with less headache, leaving you more time to concentrate on other things. Contact us to find out how you have the chance to see the results for yourself.


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Our Approach

  • SmartFees Collect Assist will act behind the scenes for you.
  • We will carry out collections on your behalf.

  • Contacts and notations will be input directly against each account.
  • All contacts shall be handled in your name.
  • Queries, issues and disputes that arise are managed by SmartFees Collect Assist in conjunction with you, within agreed procedures.
  • Reporting will include contact tracking and cash flow forecasts.
  • Regular reviews of all accounts shall be performed with yourself. 
  • NOTE: All cash is deposited by the customer directly into your bank account.


We are an extremely busy organisation and  SmartFees  with  all  its  reliable  functionality, allows me to focus on other aspects of our service.” 

Gayle, Royal Children’s Hospital Child Care Centre, VIC