CCMS Connection

Troubleshooting instructions for connecting to CCMS

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No connection to CCMS

The best way to test if your interface to the CCMS is working is to try to Retrieve Messages from the Bulk CCMS submit screen.

Select this from the Utilities menu in SmartFees CCMS. When you click on Submit to CCMS now, you should see the CCMS Interface pop up window appear.

If this pop up window does not appear, you are not connecting to the CCMS. Below is a checklist of all the components you need to set up to ensure the connection works. Check each one in turn and try the connection again.

  1. Check you are connected to the internet.
  2. Check if there have been any changes to the network or firewall software that might be blcoking the connection.
  3. Try reseting your modem. This will also reset you network connection. Its possible for some sites on the internet to become unreachable while others are ok due to modem issues.
  4. Check if SmartFees components are still in the location where it was installed. For example if the SmartFees folder has been moved or renamed the config files in the subfolder CCMSInterface must be updated with the new paths. Open these files in Notepad. The AppPath value in each file must point to the location of where you have installed SmartFees and within that, the subfolder CCMSInterface.For example, if you installed in the default folder C:\SmartFeesCCMS, then the AppPath must be C:\SmartFeesCCMS\CCMSInterface. Save any changes you make.
  5. Contact Support , we are here to help.

Since upgrading to SmartFees VM, I have been able to work from home and still submit attendances etc. Being a working busy mum, I can’t tell you how much this has helped me."

Jen, Viewbank Primary School