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What's changed in Version 22 of SmartFees

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Changes in Version 22 of SmartFees


Version 22 is being rolled out to coincide with the latest changes to CCMS (CCMS Version 1.7).

This upgrade is required for all services. It contains a number of fixes and enhancements. Authorised services will not be able to submit to CCMS after 4th July 2016 unless this upgrade is installed.

For services running SmartFees VM Lite or SmartFees VM Classic this upgrade will be performed by the support team.

For services running SmartFees Desktop  you may need to perform the upgrade locally if we cannot connect to your machine due to site security restrictions. We will be in contact with you to perform the upgrade or provide you with the instructions as required.

Consider switching to our hosted solutions SmartFees VM Lite or SmartFees VM Classic and let us take care of the technical requirements of maintaining your SmartFees installation. 

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List of Changes in Version 22

SmartFees Version 22 is our latest version. It can only be installed on a computer which already has SmartFees Version 20 installed on it. If you are not currently running Version 20 contact SMARTFEES SUPPORT for further instructions. Changes from Version 20 :-

  • Implemented CCMS version 1.7 changes
    • Querying of new IS Innovation Cases case type
    • Add support for new IS Payment types
    • Removed auto creation of IS Sessions on Attendance records - no longer required
    • Additional calculated fields in Attendance screen (Certified hourly rates)

  • Performance tweaks to improve screen loading over slow links
  • Update references and links to new support contact details and online help
  • Removed obsolete references and links to SmartFees Online
  • Added references and links to SmartCentral
  • Adjusted layout of invoices to include %CCB
  • Adjusted layout of invoices to provide for larger totals when running invoices for periods greater than 1 year
  • Adjusted ordering of payments on parent screen to put most recent at top
  • Adjusted layout of CCB details tab on Attendance screen to allow longer explanations to be viewed
  • Updated MYOB extract to use date applied in system rather date extracted
  • Altered default Parent Balance Start Date to reduce chance of inadvertently creating audit issues
  • Adjusted layout of Bookings tab on Enrolment screen to fit 'Wednesday' on a single line
  • Improved bulk emailing of parent statements to reduce chance of emails being incorrectly identified as spam and faster sending of large lists
  • Updated email body to remove obsolete HTML occasionally showing in emails
  • Added parent name to subject line to facilitate staff finding required email in long list of emails
  • Updated menu ribbon to separate admin functions and remove clutter for non-approved services
  • Updated User Security form to enforce default security level for newly created users
  • Changed label on Bulk CCMS screen from 'Bulk Create Attendances' to 'Bulk Submit Attendances' to reduce confusion for new users, behaviour unchanged
  • Implemented "Service" filter on emergency contact report
  • Updated login screen - username and password are now both case sensitive . Hitting ENTER in the password field now starts the login script (same behaviour as clicking LOGIN)


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Since upgrading to SmartFees VM, I have been able to work from home and still submit attendances etc. Being a working busy mum, I can’t tell you how much this has helped me."

Jen, Viewbank Primary School