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Business support
We have qualified staff on hand with the experience to conduct business analysis and provide recommendations on cash flow issues, looking at credit management facilities and marketing your child care business.

Technical support
As a customer, whenever you contact support for assistance, your case will be managed by one person throughout the whole process through to completion. So you don't have to waste any of your time to get a technical issue resolved.


Creating a new child care service from the ground up or taking over responsibility for an existing service? Both come with enormous challenges.

The SmartFees Team can help you get your back office running smoothly with the right tools and support so you can concentrate on the kids.

We know its not just about the software. Our handy guides, great tools with the right technical and business support can tip the balance from struggle to smart.

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Considering Switching CCMS providers? Need more than just software to help your child care business thrive?

Our no surprises switching process eliminates guess work and smooths the transition from your current CCMS provider to SmartCentral. Our support team will be there through the transition and help you get the best out your new system and your administration processes.

If you'd like to discuss switching to SmartCentral, please submit your details on our enquiry form by clicking on the 'Contact Us' button below and we will contact you to discuss your needs. Or simply click 'Learn More' if you'd like to gain more insight into how SmartCentral manages the switching process.


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SmartFees is a great software product to use, as it has everything you need as well as being able to easily navigate your way around it. The SmartFees staff are always quick to respond to any issues I have had, which makes life so much easier.

Lisa, Timbarra OSHC, VIC

The help that we receive from your help desk is fantastic. We can ask as many silly questions as we like and the ladies are always so accommodating and genuinely interested in reaching a solution for us. They are never patronising or dismissive and I feel completely confident in contacting them whenever I need assistance.

Lauren, Stratton OSHC, WA


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